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Complimentary Hearing Checks in Austin

Hearing loss can happen for many reasons, and we encourage people to take care of their hearing as we understand the difficulties and isolation that hearing loss can bring. Hearing loss is very common, especially in patients over 55 years old.

You may not be aware that you are suffering from hearing loss, which is why it is important to have your hearing and ears checked regularly. Do you find yourself having more difficulty hearing during conversations with friends and family? Or, needing to turn up the volume on the television?

Hearing loss is easier to correct if it is caught early, though the damage can never be reversed. Since hearing loss can be slowed down you may want to take advantage of getting a hearing check, now provided at our practice.

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Your Experienced Audiologist, Dr. Bea Smith

Dr. Bea, our audiology partner, is committed to providing her patients with excellent hearing care by following best practices and a patient first approach. She has a doctorate from Indiana University and is licensed by the state of Texas to practice audiology and fit hearing aids.

She offers a range of the very latest technology in hearing devices, from the world’s leading manufacturers, and offers a full aftercare program for continued care for your hearing health, ensuring you get optimal performance from your hearing aids.

Book Your Complimentary Hearing Check Today

If you have concerns about your hearing, it’s easy to put your mind at ease. Just get in touch to book a hearing check and Dr. Smith will test your hearing, discuss any concerns you may have about your hearing health, and make suggestions on hearing solutions, if needed.

Call us today at 512-893-2020 to book an appointment with Dr. Bea Smith

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