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In 1975, Jim Jannard started the company from his garage with a little more than $300 and his unrelenting desire to create better performing sport gear. Jim’s first innovation was a new type of motorcycle hand grip with a unique tread and shape that was completely different and unlike anything that riders had seen before.

Then again in 1980, Oakley introduced its O Frame goggle, which became a mainstay in motocross racing for almost 20 years. The O Frame goggle featured a lens curved in the perfect arc of a cylinder. Jim’s attention to the needs of the sport brought superior clarity and wide peripheral view so riders could see better and ultimately perform better in their sport.

From there, Jim continued his focus on eyewear positioning sunglasses as vital equipment instead of a generic accessory. This positioned Oakley as the top in optical sport performance, where it continues to stand today. Professional athletes quickly took notice and today, no matter what sport you watch, you’ll see its top athletes sporting Oakley performance eyewear.