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Which President Wore Them Best?

Yes, even our commanders-in-cheif have needed a little visual assistance!

The President of the United States is the role of a lifetime-it is a huge responsibility and when you’re the president, your every move is being monitored. The president is front and center of the entire world, it’s important that whatever you do, you do it in snazzy eyewear. In light of President’s Day, here are some of our past leader’s stylish specs.


  • Teddy Roosevelt strikes a presidential pose in his prince-nez eyewear (French term which translates to “to pinch the nose”). Teddy’s legacy of riding horses and leading battles couldn’t have been complete if he didn’t have these unique specs to give him the vision he needed to lead!


  • Franklin D. Roosevelt is showing off his simple, classy glasses in this legendary portrait!


  • This iconic photo of John F. Kennedy needs few words in these sophisticated Wayfarers!


  • Lyndon B. Johnson showing off his bold frames which are trending currently! Do I see a hint of Transition lenses in there, LBJ?


  • George H.W. Bush in these sleek semi-rimless glasses make it look like he’s barely wearing anything!


Post by Jessica Lundgren & Shazeen Ali, OD of Ranch Road Vision Source in Austin, TX.